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Julie Davis Tiny Buffalo Consulting
Do you wish someone would take the
 swirl of ideas 
spinning around in your head, make sense of them, and fill in the gaps?
Unsure how to create content to capture the  true personality and mission
of your business?
Do you feel like there are never enough hours to
focus on money-making activities because you're stuck in the grind of content marketing?
Cue tinyBUFFALO. (Enter stage left.)
I assure you you’re in the right place, despite our quirky name (more on that below!) if…
You’re ready to discover the perfect content mix to get your UNIQUE voice out into the world in a much BIGGER way.
You’re ready to say “So Long!” to the endless swirl of ideas you have in your head that you don’t have time to implement.
You’re ready to say Hello! To revenue-generating activities for your business because your content is DONE.
You HATE writing. (Yes, I said it.)
You don’t have a graphic design bone in your body. (That’s okay! We’ve got you covered.)
You’re tired of “shooting from the hip” and want a cohesive content strategy where all the pieces fit together.
Content Marketing Strategist

Well, hello!

I’m Julie and after 5+ years freelancing in the content marketing world, I decided it was time to launch my own content marketing and consulting business.

During those 5 years, I skillfully captured the unique voice and brand identity of a wide variety of clients, ranging from a sarcastic online fitness trainer with a BIG personality to a poised and professional marketing guru.

It’s one of my specialties—“speaking” your brand— whether that’s in a social media post, website copy, email campaign, or through graphic design. (Graphic design is my happy place. It’s where I go to untangle the copywriting knots in my brain!)

Personal Attention, Big Solutions. 

It's our motto, and why we're called tinyBUFFALO!

(There’s also a really funny reason I used this name. Don’t miss the story below.)

What's in a name?

We love building deeply-rooted relationships with our clients in order to effectively portray your company's core values and personality across diverse platforms.

With an eye for design and a way with words, we are believers in a fine-tuned content marketing strategy as a critical component in growing a successful, INTEGRATED online business presence.

Now, for the funny part:

The name tinyBUFFALO sprang from a miscommunication over the phrase by a then-potential first employee of mine who said: 

This could help my "tiny portfolio."

I heard tiny buffalo.

I said, “What? Your tiny buffalo?”

Hilarity ensued and tiny buffalo made multiple cameos in our conversation that night.

From that point forward, we even created a hashtag for the movement in all of our email communications: #tBFTW. tinyBUFFALO FOR THE WIN. 🎉

When it came time to name the company, how could I NOT bring tinyBUFFALO on board?!

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