August 26, 2020

You Don't Have To Create Content For Social Media

You can STOP staring at your screen now. I give you permission. Go ahead, because you don't have to create content for social media.

It's already there.

The content that's just sitting there waiting for you to repurpose it into an amazing social media post is in:

  • Your lead magnet
  • That book you're writing
  • The podcast you were just on
  • Your blog post
  • Your livestream

(Should I go on? Nah, I'll spare you because the list is long.)

The best content creators know how to whip up relevant, value-driven, SMART social with the content you already have lying around. You just have to know how to break down the content puzzle into the pieces that make the most sense for social media.

Have you thought about social media content this way before? Do you repurpose your already existing content for social media?

Let's take one example and run with it.

Repurpose Content For Social Media: Livestream Example

Did you just do a Facebook livestream? Heck, did you do a Facebook livestream six months ago that you never looked at again? (Guess what? If you haven't looked at it in 6 months, neither has your audience. )

Ah, there's so much you can do with this one piece of content that I'm giddy with excitement.

1. After the livestream is over, go back and write a compelling description in Facebook. Include a short, punchy headline including what the livestream was about and then, include bullet points for key insights made during the livestream.

2. Embed your livestream video in your blog. You can use your newly beefed up Facebook description as the framework for your writing. Then share your blog post on social!

3. Make short teaser video clips of your livestream that will entice your audience to watch the whole thing!

4.Write down key quotes from the livestream and tweet them or use them in social media graphics to promote the episode.

These examples are only a small slice of the pie. Isn't that encouraging?! You don't have to keep thinking up new content.

Repurpose your already existing content for social media—it's already there.

Need help crafting a compelling social media strategy for your business?

Feel free to reach out to me in the comments below or better yet, join my email community for weekly content strategy tips!


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