With Social Hour, you'll never have to worry about what you're going to post next or how you're going to find the time to do it.

You'll learn how to plan your social media content for the week in just one hour.
Plan your social media content in one hour per weekI'M READY!

Social Hour

Plan your weekly social media content in just one hour.
social media content framework

Tell me if this sounds like you...

You don't have enough time to work on social media for your business.
You get paralyzed when you  think about what to post next.
You're stuck in a swirl of ideas and you don't know how to communicate them in a way that makes sense.
You're flying by the seat of your pants without a social media strategy.

What if you always knew what to post on social media?

That's exactly why I created Social Hour.

I want to empower you to transform your business ideas into compelling, weekly social content in just one hour per week!

If you're ready to plan smart social content in just one hour per week...

Create social media content

Why Your Weekly Social Media Content 
Is So Important

Consistent content is the key to attracting new clients, building brand loyalty, and establishing your credibility. 
organize your social media content around a weekly theme
Organize your ideas into social content that makes sense.
monthly social media content calendar

Save time with a weekly and monthly social content calendar.
social media post writing tips
Always know what to post on social media and what works best for each platform. 

Right now, you're struggling with...

  1. Not having enough time to create your weekly social media content.
  2. The best way to promote your business through social media and get acutal leads.
  3. How to take your business ideas and transform them into social posts that connect with your audience and keep them coming back for more.


Imagine if...

You could plan your foundational social media content in one hour per week.
You could create content to capture the  true personality and mission of your business?
You knew what to post on social media toattract qualified leadsregularly?


This can happen for you with
Social Hour

Lock in this price now. The price will be going up soon!
tiny buffalo consulting Julie Davis
Julie is the creator of Social Hour and the owner of Tiny Buffalo Consulting. 

She's spent the last 6+ years transforming her clients' business ideas into compelling content that connects with their audience, builds their brand, and gives them back their time to focus on revenue-generating activities for their businesses. 


Julie is the complete package for all things social media. She's a talented writer who has done an amazing job capturing my voice and helping me create emails, blogs, social media posts, testimonials, and everything in between.


Julie combines her true talent for creating memorable social media content, eye-catching graphic designs and effective content marketing solutions with a creative and collaborative approach that gets big results while providing the personal attention that her clients love.


Julie patiently and supportively held my hand through every baby step of understanding and embracing social media as a business tool. From educating me on the small details to running full scale campaigns that expanded my reach and followers, Julie was incredibly helpful and fun to work with!"


plan your social media in one hour per week with social hour

This is for you if...

You're a busy solopreneur but you don't want to outsource your social media.

You want an organized framework you can use every week to guide your social media planning.

You have a ton of ideas but you don't know how to present them in a compelling way on social.

You want to take back your time so you can "work on" your business instead of "working in" your business.

You're ready to hit the EASY button when it comes to social media. 

Content Categories Worksheet  

Keep your audience engaged day after day with a unique content flow that I teach you in Social Hour. You'll choose  a weekly theme and draw your audience in throughout the week when you present different aspects of the theme each day. The process is the same each week.

Monthly Content Planner

In this spreadsheet, you'll  record your monthly social "brainstorms" and create your monthly content plans for LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. Add as many other platforms as you like!

Weekly Post Planner

After you've created your weekly theme and planned your content, keep your daily posts here for quick reference and easily copy and paste them to your social platforms or social media scheduler. 

Social Media Post Writing Tips

The best way to format your captions to keep your posts interesting, easily readable, and engagement-worthy.

What You Get

Here's what you get with Social Hour!
BONUS: A video tutorial on how to use each part of Social Hour and how they work together.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone's got questions. I've got answers.


Once you purchase Social Hour, you'll be led directly to the files to download them. 


Social Hour includes your monthly and weekly planner in a spreadsheet format. You can download it as a .pdf or make a copy of it for your Google Drive folder. 

It also includes 2 PDF checklists: 

1. Post Writing Tips for Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook

2. Content Categories that explains how to break your content up each week plus a blank one to use each week to write in your own.

3. Finally, it includes a BONUS video from moí that teaches you how to use the different parts of Social Hour to get all of your social media planning for the week DONE in one hour! 


Instantly! Once you purchase Social Hour, you'll get instant access to all files.


Due to the digital nature of Social Hour—and the fact that you can implement it quickly— I do not offer refunds. But I'm pretty sure, like 99.9% sure, you won't want one.
social media content framework

Are you ready to plan your weekly social media content in just one hour?

Grab Social Hour today!